Approved by acting order

 Chairman of the Forestry Committee and

fauna Ministry of Agriculture of

Republic of Kazakhstan since May 31, 2017



Tariff rates for services,

provided by RSU GNPP Altyn-Emel



 Name of provided services

Price, tg


Providing hiking trails, viewing platforms per person for one day.



Providing parking for vehicles at the rate of one place per day



Guide for the whole group per day



Providing services in hotels per day per person:




"Zhantogay", "Shygan", "Mynbulak"







Conducting movie, video and photography (professional) when visiting and

the study of objects of the nature reserve fund, natural and cultural

Heritage, natural museums and living corners per one day:

Movie, video

And photo




50 000

25 000




Note: for the services specified in clauses 1,2,3,4 there are provided following discounts:


- to preschool children (up to seven years old) - free;

- children of school age (from seven years of age and older) in the amount of 50 percent;

- students 25% discount

- free for disabled people ;

- employees of tourist companies accompanying a group of tourists who

  have agreement with environmental institution, are not paid for services

  (one escort no more than 20

  tourists and one driver)




About taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget (Tax codex)

Codex of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated since December 25, 2017 № 120-VI ЗRK.

Article 591. Rates of fees for the use of specially protected natural territories



  1. Rates of fees for the use of specially protected natural areas of the republican

the values are determined from the calculation of 0.1 MCI established by the law on the republican budget and effective on January 1 of the relevant fiscal year in which there will be a need the use of specially protected natural areas for each day of stay in specially protected natural area.